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Blue Roo Theatre Company
Saturday 14 October, 3.00pm – 3.45pm
Foyer @ Queensland Theatre


Blue Roo Theatre Company, funded by The Queensland Government through Arts Queensland creates contemporary performances led by the artistry, experiences and imaginations of an ensemble of artists with diverse ability and impairment.

Through unique artistic collaborations they redefine theatrical genres. The personal and private investment of the artists ensures that the work connects with everyone and poetically engages the public, social and political discussions.

Hotel Pantelone is an exhilarating slice Commedia dell’Atre. It is full of song, mayhem and silliness. Using traditional commedia masks, it tells the story of Pantelone’s greed, Capitano’s desires for love and Columbin’s passion for singing.

Tickets: Festival pass
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A Community Dinner

Access Arts
Saturday 14 October, 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Foyer, Courtyard, Greenroom @ Queensland Theatre


The Last Supper is a deliciously decadent buffet with a lush variety of sumptuous treats to taste. It’s fitting that we celebrate with a community dinner welcome to all. We hope you enjoy the melting moments of both food, conversations and music in the foyer of Queensland Theatre.

Tickets: $20 (Limited tickets for catering purposes)
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Access Arts’ Unofficial Welcome
Friday 13 October, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Foyer, Courtyard and Greenroom

Blind Date features Janelly Melba (Janelle Colquhoun), accompanied by differently sighted pianist Blind Freddie (Donald Hall) performing re-worked classical hits and originals while uncovering the handicaps of going on a blind date when you’re blind yourself. Blind Date is a humorous, un-PC cabaret for the audience to laugh with Janelle about the absurdity of blind clichés and her everyday blind issues.

Up next, is our newly arrived tree loving, royal blue-blooded Petunia the Mud Princess who is free at last from the sedate, protocol-bound world of the palace. But who are these people watching her and what gardening delights will she discover? Produced by Marissa Ker (Lorikeet Players), directed by Peter Kraat. Petunia the Mud Princess is a comedy character on the border of fantasy and reality. She is genuine royalty but she would rather be gardening than listening to another military band.

The Mad Hatters’ Dinner Party is full of fantasy, part tragicomedy, part sophistication.

Have you got that special hat that’s just been waiting for the right opportunity to be worn?  Limited tickets only for the unofficial welcoming event at Undercover Artist Festival 2017.

Tickets: Festival pass (excluding dinner)

$20 with dinner (Limited spaces for catering purposes)
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Velvet Pesu and Tichawona Mashawa
Saturday 14 October, 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Diane Cilento Studio


Come one, come all to the Undercover Tribal Disco Ball!

Experience joy in the intense dance grooves of the African metropolis and deep trance Mbira rhythms igniting new grooves and wild funky dance moves.

Tichawona Noble Mashawa’s band, The Sound of Bone Marrow represents a new wave of African music fusing traditional Zimbabwan Mbira rhythms and contemporary African guitars. The Nyunga-Nyunga thumb piano is a symbol of cultural history and represents a sense of identity and purpose to the people of Zimbabwe, particularly those of the Shona tribe. Tichawona Noble Mashawa represents Australian multicultural diversity accompanied by Velvet Pesu on drums and vocals and Kojaja Osman on Kit drum.

This is your opportunity to dress in your most fantastical colourful attire, to immerse yourself in free expression and discover your own authentic tribal voice through call and response songs through dynamic vocal rhythms.

Kick up your feet and dance like you’ve never danced before!

Tickets: Festival pass
To purchase, please click here.