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Eleonora Ginardi
Saturday 14 October, 10.00am – 12.00pm
Diane Cilento Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Butoh started as an art movement in Tokyo post World War II. During this period of political and cultural turmoil various forms of protest and artistic expression were created. In particular, Butoh was a response to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The defeat of the Imperial Army and the introduction of Western materialism fueled a movement of creative expression that formed a physical, spiritual and cultural dance. This was called Butoh.

Butoh uses images and embodies it during its practice. It is not concerned with controlling the body, but considers the individual as a medium to move without force or expectations. It uses imagery to move the body internally and externally. A certain element of control versus openness is explored. The slow movement in Butoh is known as “Ma” or “the empty space”.

Join Eleonora Ginardi and Marisa Georgiou for an interactive workshop that focuses on movement, stillness and metamorphosis.  This collaboration will be using embodied performance to deepen understandings of outside forces on the body, and the capacity of the environment to “move” you. Eleonora Ginardi, a theatre Maker, and Marisa Georgiou, a visual artist, will weave their personal practices to activate a new cultural dance.

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Wielding Theatre
Workshop: Universal Principals of Theatre Making
Saturday 14 October, 12.30pm – 2.00pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Wielding Theatre are a Melbourne based theatre company, using theatre as an investigative tool towards inclusive experiences for all.

Inside was developed through using universal principles of theatre making created by people with and without disability to ask the question; Can disability be a collaborator? And if so, how? And what does that look like? Wielding Theatre have answered the question with a resounding yes.

Through the story of the two performers’ experience of dance, Inside uses a range of mediums to reveal the internal dialogue of both performers at different stages within their understanding of their world. Inside also explores the often unsaid but commonly felt anxieties around performing with a disability to a live audience. The lighting design and sound design is a reflection of their intimate relationship with dance, desire, and disability in that each performer has a designated lighting state and intimate sound track that represents their experience of dance to the audience.

Wielding Theatre invite you to explore these elements in an interactive workshop following their performance. You are encouraged to bring along your ideas to discuss in the workshop.

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InsideOutside Dance Ensemble
Saturday 14 October, 5.45pm – 7.15pm
Diane Cilento Studio @ Queensland Theatre


InsideOutside Dance Ensemble is an initiative of InsideOutside Theatre Company, a charitable organisation based in Brisbane.  InsideOutside Dance Ensemble has previously worked with Marc Brew and the Royal Ballet enabling young dancers with disability to provide opportunities to learn a variety of dance styles and to receive on stage performance experiences.

Dancers of all abilities are invited to join the members of InsideOutside Dance Ensemble for a high energy 90-minute experience. Facilitator and Swagamama performer Sheru Bharadawaja will teach you a range of hip hop dance techniques and enable you to share your story through an end-of-workshop performance.

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Categories: Dance Workshop


Velvet Pesu and Tichawona Mashawa
Saturday 14 October, 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Diane Cilento Studio


Come one, come all to the Undercover Tribal Disco Ball!

Experience joy in the intense dance grooves of the African metropolis and deep trance Mbira rhythms igniting new grooves and wild funky dance moves.

Tichawona Noble Mashawa’s band, The Sound of Bone Marrow represents a new wave of African music fusing traditional Zimbabwan Mbira rhythms and contemporary African guitars. The Nyunga-Nyunga thumb piano is a symbol of cultural history and represents a sense of identity and purpose to the people of Zimbabwe, particularly those of the Shona tribe. Tichawona Noble Mashawa represents Australian multicultural diversity accompanied by Velvet Pesu on drums and vocals and Kojaja Osman on Kit drum.

This is your opportunity to dress in your most fantastical colourful attire, to immerse yourself in free expression and discover your own authentic tribal voice through call and response songs through dynamic vocal rhythms.

Kick up your feet and dance like you’ve never danced before!

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