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Morwenna Collett – Accessible Arts
Saturday 14 October, 10.30am – 12.00pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Join Accessible Arts CEO Morwenna Collett, Undercover Artist Festival performers and arts professionals, as they share success stories of collaborative and inclusive arts projects which have resulted in dynamic, original and high quality work by artists with disability.

Accessible Arts is the peak arts and disability organisation across New South Wales providing support and opportunities for people with disability in the arts. Accessible Arts support artists through three main areas: arts development, sector development and access development. Morwenna Collett is the CEO of Accessible Arts and  brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as an advocate and practicing artist  with disability.

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Eleonora Ginardi
Saturday 14 October, 10.00am – 12.00pm
Diane Cilento Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Butoh started as an art movement in Tokyo post World War II. During this period of political and cultural turmoil various forms of protest and artistic expression were created. In particular, Butoh was a response to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The defeat of the Imperial Army and the introduction of Western materialism fueled a movement of creative expression that formed a physical, spiritual and cultural dance. This was called Butoh.

Butoh uses images and embodies it during its practice. It is not concerned with controlling the body, but considers the individual as a medium to move without force or expectations. It uses imagery to move the body internally and externally. A certain element of control versus openness is explored. The slow movement in Butoh is known as “Ma” or “the empty space”.

Join Eleonora Ginardi and Marisa Georgiou for an interactive workshop that focuses on movement, stillness and metamorphosis.  This collaboration will be using embodied performance to deepen understandings of outside forces on the body, and the capacity of the environment to “move” you. Eleonora Ginardi, a theatre Maker, and Marisa Georgiou, a visual artist, will weave their personal practices to activate a new cultural dance.

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JUTE Theatre Company
Friday 13 October, 8.00pm – 9.30pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre

Brisbane premiere Here we all are. Assembled by Kathryn Ash  is a JUTE Theatre Company production that features lead actor Doug Robins who was the 2014 Access Arts Achievement Award recipient. Joined by cast Natalie Taylor and Barbara Lowing who perform a twisted tale of two hapless characters who dare to question. Suspended in a rotting dystopian landscape, forgotten by the world, these two are comforted by blissful ignorance, turning a blind eye to the impending Armageddon. Rising from the detritus comes the voracious, clever and manipulative ‘worm’ set to divide the slavish trust of our heroic duo.

This witty, insightful and poignant play will seduce you into a collapsing world where you will bear witness to the final showdown between truth and delusion… to be or not to be?

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Wielding Theatre
Workshop: Universal Principals of Theatre Making
Saturday 14 October, 12.30pm – 2.00pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Wielding Theatre are a Melbourne based theatre company, using theatre as an investigative tool towards inclusive experiences for all.

Inside was developed through using universal principles of theatre making created by people with and without disability to ask the question; Can disability be a collaborator? And if so, how? And what does that look like? Wielding Theatre have answered the question with a resounding yes.

Through the story of the two performers’ experience of dance, Inside uses a range of mediums to reveal the internal dialogue of both performers at different stages within their understanding of their world. Inside also explores the often unsaid but commonly felt anxieties around performing with a disability to a live audience. The lighting design and sound design is a reflection of their intimate relationship with dance, desire, and disability in that each performer has a designated lighting state and intimate sound track that represents their experience of dance to the audience.

Wielding Theatre invite you to explore these elements in an interactive workshop following their performance. You are encouraged to bring along your ideas to discuss in the workshop.

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Saturday 14 October, 5.00pm – 5.45pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Love Me is a new work about breaking down walls to conversation about mental health. The work has been developed with the support of the Queensland Mental Health Commission, Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council and Redland Performing Arts Centre with a view to tour into schools and communities in 2018 to help break down the barriers and unpack the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Love Me is a combination of movement, multimedia design, spoken word, music, puppetry and physical theatre. Indelabilityarts has been gaining momentum as a producer of quality work selling out to rave reviews. Love Me self describes the work as raw, funny and vulnerable.

Tickets: $25/$20
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Access Arts’ Unofficial Welcome
Friday 13 October, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Foyer, Courtyard and Greenroom

Blind Date features Janelly Melba (Janelle Colquhoun), accompanied by differently sighted pianist Blind Freddie (Donald Hall) performing re-worked classical hits and originals while uncovering the handicaps of going on a blind date when you’re blind yourself. Blind Date is a humorous, un-PC cabaret for the audience to laugh with Janelle about the absurdity of blind clichés and her everyday blind issues.

Up next, is our newly arrived tree loving, royal blue-blooded Petunia the Mud Princess who is free at last from the sedate, protocol-bound world of the palace. But who are these people watching her and what gardening delights will she discover? Produced by Marissa Ker (Lorikeet Players), directed by Peter Kraat. Petunia the Mud Princess is a comedy character on the border of fantasy and reality. She is genuine royalty but she would rather be gardening than listening to another military band.

The Mad Hatters’ Dinner Party is full of fantasy, part tragicomedy, part sophistication.

Have you got that special hat that’s just been waiting for the right opportunity to be worn?  Limited tickets only for the unofficial welcoming event at Undercover Artist Festival 2017.

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$20 with dinner (Limited spaces for catering purposes)
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Access Arts 2017 Achievement Award
Friday 13 October, 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre

The Access Arts Achievement Award provides up to $10,000 funding for Queensland artists, artsworkers and producers with disability working in any artform to create, develop, present, produce, exhibit and/or tour their work. Join us for the culmination of the last four years of Access Arts Achievement Award recipients Including:

Our 2014 Award-winner, Doug believes that theatre skills should be mandatory because they are useful in all facets of life. He is an aspiring writer and playwright and in the last 18 months has co-founded a local writers group called ‘YAAWIN’ culminating recently in the publication of an Ebook Anthology. Doug performs Here we all are. Assembled by Kathryn Ash produced by JUTE Theatre.

2015 recipient Emma Le Strange performs Colour To My World a visual and vocal journey of the development of her children’s book, Tea Parties and Pillows. A kaleidoscope of imagery, Emma’s art aims to find refreshed provocation in the anatomical familiar often through abstract realism.

2016 recipient, Elephant Whisperer Alex Procopis is joined by best friend Jo Surawski, mentors and percussionists Velvet Pesu and Tichawona Mashawa for music that evokes pure joy. Elephant whispering is a rare and unique artform. Alex’s vocal timbre emulates sounds by these beautiful animals. Alex is currently producing his first album working with Taronga Zoo elephants.

We are proud to announce this year’s 2017 award recipient. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of these artists.

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Kari Sullivan
Saturday 14 October, 10.00am – 12.00pm
Greenroom @ Queensland Theatre


What’s in an artist statement? A cognitive approach to writing effective artist statements.

What is your artist statement really saying? In this workshop, Dr Kari Sullivan shows how academic research on artist statements can help artists control the effects of their statements on potential audiences. For example, Dr Sullivan’s studies suggest that artists who describe their work as a personal “journey” may lead audiences to expect the work to be more esoteric. On the other hand, audiences may be disappointed if they cannot immediately understand artworks that are claimed to ‘send a message’.

Word choices such as these have particular effects on an audience because the words tend to make audiences think in particular ways as shown in cognitive approaches to language.

Participants will apply these principles either to the improvement or the design of their own artist statements.

Tickets: Workshop pass (Limited spaces)
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