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Jeff Usher
Saturday 14 October, 4.15pm – 5.00pm
Foyer @ Queensland Theatre


Jeff Usher has been at the forefront of jazz and blues in Queensland and Australia since the early 1980s as a pianist, composer and music educator. He has been a tutor at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University since 1998, achieving a Master’s Degree in 2006, and will complete a PHD in composition from University of Queensland in 2017.

Jeff has several albums to his credit including his 2015 release, Bird Wings, recorded live in concert at Brisbane Jazz Club with his ten-piece group, A Love Supreme Super Band. Besides his own compositions, Jeff’s performances include tunes from early Jazz, Boogie-woogie, Swing, Bebop, Bossa Nova and other forms of popular music. Jeff will play and tell the stories behind some of the works which he composed as part of his current research.

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David Truong and friends
Saturday 14 October, 6.00pm – 6.55pm
Foyer @ Queensland Theatre


Ambition Road is a music project showcasing the songwriting talents of Blind singer-songwriter, keyboard player David Truong and singer-songwriter, percussionist Yasmin Powell. With help from their musician friends, original songs are brought to life in a keyboard-driven, acoustic, reflective, Folk, Soft Rock style.

Ambition Road’s live music journey features songs from their debut album Happy Laughter released in 2016 and will also debut songs from their yet-to-be released second album. Their songs explore lost loves, broken hearts, what ifs and could have beens as well as sharing advice gained from many life experiences.

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Blue Roo Theatre Company
Saturday 14 October, 3.00pm – 3.45pm
Foyer @ Queensland Theatre


Blue Roo Theatre Company, funded by The Queensland Government through Arts Queensland creates contemporary performances led by the artistry, experiences and imaginations of an ensemble of artists with diverse ability and impairment.

Through unique artistic collaborations they redefine theatrical genres. The personal and private investment of the artists ensures that the work connects with everyone and poetically engages the public, social and political discussions.

Hotel Pantelone is an exhilarating slice Commedia dell’Atre. It is full of song, mayhem and silliness. Using traditional commedia masks, it tells the story of Pantelone’s greed, Capitano’s desires for love and Columbin’s passion for singing.

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Steve Sparrow
Saturday 14 October, 12.00pm – 1.00pm
Foyer @ Queensland Theatre


Singer, guitarist, songwriter Steve Sparrow will take you through the history of Country Blues and Rock’n’Roll music. He will also impart a lot of interesting information about these musicians and talk about many of the people behind these artists. Learn and listen to the music of household legends such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, John Fogerty and Elvis Presley.

Keen to learn the tricks of the trade? Steve will demonstrate some of their varied guitar and vocal styles and perform many of the songs that are synonymous with this style of music.

You might even find yourself singing along at times!

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Leah Cotterell
Saturday 14 October, 7.00pm – 7.45pm
Foyer @ Queensland Theatre


Every Thursday the Access Arts Singers get together and sing it out! Everyone has a special song and the requests come flying thick and fast to choir facilitators Annie Peterson and Leah Cotterell. Once the singing starts the spirit takes us and by the end of the session we’re all flying. This is the wonderful power of songs and singing in its purest form. Incidentally, Annie and Leah are among Brisbane’s most loved singers with a 25-year history of collaborating on Women in Voice.

This performance will weave together the most funny, nostalgic, soulful and sensational songs that can be found in one set. Leah and Annie will revisit their yodelling chops; acapella group the Cuppa Bellas will delight, guitarist Dave McGuire will lay down some irresistible strumming and soloing for Leah to holler up a storm and sensationally talented Access Arts Singers support worker Sophie Bannister will share her unique sense of fun.

In the midst of all their musical admirers, the Access Arts Singers will top the lot with their shining love for singing and songs accompanied by founding member and emerging songwriter David Truong.

There’s lots to celebrate and an invitation to everyone to Sing it Out!

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Donna Dyson and Friends
Saturday 14 October, 8.30pm – 10.00pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre


Professional songwriters often compose for so many projects: artists, choral groups and celebrations that the general public rarely glimpse inside their catalogue other than hear a selection of their work performed.

Donna Dyson is the current APRA-ASA Australian songwriter of the year and her vaulted catalogue is being opened. You will be treated to the remarkable voices of soloists, choirs, collaborators, co-writers and friends who soar the heartfelt lyrics to your heart through their gifted voices in song.

This is only a tiny taste of her vast body of work which has been composed and created over the past four years.  Prior to this, Donna Dyson spent her days as a professional educator, leader, university lecturer and published author.  It wasn’t until a brain tumor and stroke suddenly took her sight that she gained her fulltime creative vision and composed an expansive music catalogue some would not complete in a lifetime.

Enjoy the stories behind the songs and the beauty of the music sung by remarkable voices including special guests: Tyrone Noonan, David Willersdorf, Damien Leith, Hillbrook Chorale, Vox, Queensland Show Choir, Brisbane City Sounds, Wil Hughes, Kat Bryant, Fran Morris, Tony Dee, Bek Hull, Sophie Bannister and surprise international guest appearances handpicked for this special one night only performance.

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Access Arts’ Unofficial Welcome
Friday 13 October, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Foyer, Courtyard and Greenroom

Blind Date features Janelly Melba (Janelle Colquhoun), accompanied by differently sighted pianist Blind Freddie (Donald Hall) performing re-worked classical hits and originals while uncovering the handicaps of going on a blind date when you’re blind yourself. Blind Date is a humorous, un-PC cabaret for the audience to laugh with Janelle about the absurdity of blind clichés and her everyday blind issues.

Up next, is our newly arrived tree loving, royal blue-blooded Petunia the Mud Princess who is free at last from the sedate, protocol-bound world of the palace. But who are these people watching her and what gardening delights will she discover? Produced by Marissa Ker (Lorikeet Players), directed by Peter Kraat. Petunia the Mud Princess is a comedy character on the border of fantasy and reality. She is genuine royalty but she would rather be gardening than listening to another military band.

The Mad Hatters’ Dinner Party is full of fantasy, part tragicomedy, part sophistication.

Have you got that special hat that’s just been waiting for the right opportunity to be worn?  Limited tickets only for the unofficial welcoming event at Undercover Artist Festival 2017.

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$20 with dinner (Limited spaces for catering purposes)
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Velvet Pesu and Tichawona Mashawa
Saturday 14 October, 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Diane Cilento Studio


Come one, come all to the Undercover Tribal Disco Ball!

Experience joy in the intense dance grooves of the African metropolis and deep trance Mbira rhythms igniting new grooves and wild funky dance moves.

Tichawona Noble Mashawa’s band, The Sound of Bone Marrow represents a new wave of African music fusing traditional Zimbabwan Mbira rhythms and contemporary African guitars. The Nyunga-Nyunga thumb piano is a symbol of cultural history and represents a sense of identity and purpose to the people of Zimbabwe, particularly those of the Shona tribe. Tichawona Noble Mashawa represents Australian multicultural diversity accompanied by Velvet Pesu on drums and vocals and Kojaja Osman on Kit drum.

This is your opportunity to dress in your most fantastical colourful attire, to immerse yourself in free expression and discover your own authentic tribal voice through call and response songs through dynamic vocal rhythms.

Kick up your feet and dance like you’ve never danced before!

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Access Arts 2017 Achievement Award
Friday 13 October, 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Billie Brown Studio @ Queensland Theatre

The Access Arts Achievement Award provides up to $10,000 funding for Queensland artists, artsworkers and producers with disability working in any artform to create, develop, present, produce, exhibit and/or tour their work. Join us for the culmination of the last four years of Access Arts Achievement Award recipients Including:

Our 2014 Award-winner, Doug believes that theatre skills should be mandatory because they are useful in all facets of life. He is an aspiring writer and playwright and in the last 18 months has co-founded a local writers group called ‘YAAWIN’ culminating recently in the publication of an Ebook Anthology. Doug performs Here we all are. Assembled by Kathryn Ash produced by JUTE Theatre.

2015 recipient Emma Le Strange performs Colour To My World a visual and vocal journey of the development of her children’s book, Tea Parties and Pillows. A kaleidoscope of imagery, Emma’s art aims to find refreshed provocation in the anatomical familiar often through abstract realism.

2016 recipient, Elephant Whisperer Alex Procopis is joined by best friend Jo Surawski, mentors and percussionists Velvet Pesu and Tichawona Mashawa for music that evokes pure joy. Elephant whispering is a rare and unique artform. Alex’s vocal timbre emulates sounds by these beautiful animals. Alex is currently producing his first album working with Taronga Zoo elephants.

We are proud to announce this year’s 2017 award recipient. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of these artists.

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