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Undercover Artist Festival 2021 - Program

Undercover Artist Festival exists to profile and promote outstanding work by performing artists with disability.

The 2021 lineup featured three world premieres – Oliver-Hetherington-Page’s The No Bang Theory, Lauren Watson’s Nerve and The Crooner’s Swinging and Spinning – all debuted on Turrbal and Jagera Country at Queensland Theatre in Brisbane.

Community artists from Screech Arts, The Sunshine Troupe and Access Arts, showed audiences what the next generation of performing artists with disability can do.

And important disability-led conversations, forums, and career development workshops introduced our Career Track, which will be a key focus for Undercover Artist in 2022.


Disability-led, professional performing arts work.


Performances from community arts groups and interactive art for the community.


Workshops, panel conversations and professional development.

Day One - Thursday 16 September

Dance with Ruby Donohoe

Disability-led in Practice
Facilitated by Madeleine Little
Panelists: Dan Daw, Racheal Missingham, Pelenakeke Brown, Alexandra Ellen

The No Bang Theory
Oliver Hetherington-Page

Lauren Watson

Meeting Place

Disability Pride Wall
Larissa MacFarlane, Jeremy Hawkes, Brenden Borellini 

Day Two - Friday 17 September

Workshop: Auslan Dramaturgy of Shakespeare
Racheal Missingham

Je Suis Toi
The Sunshine Troupe

Andi Snelling

Comedy Club
Hosted by Alistair Baldwin

Meeting Place

Disability Pride Wall
Larissa MacFarlane, Jeremy Hawkes, Brenden Borellini 

Day Three - Saturday 18 September

Unapologetically You
Screech Arts

3 Worlds
Access Arts Ensemble

Brown Church

Poetry & Prose
Gayle Kennedy, Marissa Ker, Alex Edwards, Alexandra McCallum, Andi Snelling
MC – Madeleine Little

Swinging & Spinning
The Crooners – Tim ‘Mac’ McCallum & Tony ‘Dee’ Doevendans

Closing Night Concert
Aspy Jones, supported by MC Wheels

Disability Pride Wall
Larissa MacFarlane, Jeremy Hawkes, Brenden Borellini