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Closing Night Concert - Feat Aspy Jones

Saturday 18 September - 8:00PM

How do you end four phenomenal days of fantastic art? With a glamorous night out, of course!   

Dress up in your most fabulous outfit and  join us at the Closing Night Concert to celebrate the end of Undercover Artist Festival 2021. Let’s go out with a bang!

Aspy Jones

Aspy Jones is a young artist that you will definitely want to get to know. While his songs reflect a quirky sense of humour, a keen eye for life and an ear for song writing, they are also real, authentic and honest. They’re written from his unique perspective on life and the difficulties he’s faced as he’s learnt to live with autism and anxiety. 

Aspy has a unique sound inspired by his love of roots and pop music. 

Supported by MC Wheels

Nathan Tessman AKA MC Wheels is a Sunshine Coast Australian hip-hop artist who lives with a condition called spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress – otherwise known as SMARD.

Over the last 10 years Nathan has not let his disability limit his desire to achieve goals within his life. With the help of music and his crew he’s been able to write three albums; My Introduction, Darkside of Happiness and his latest, due for release on 25 September 2021 – Story So Far.

With all these achievements who knows what holds in the future for MC Wheels. 

A black and white photo of Nathan Tessman AKA MC Wheels. He is wearing a hoodie and resting his chin on one hand.
Image description: A black and white photo of Nathan Tessman AKA MC Wheels. He is wearing a hoodie and resting his chin on one hand.
Aspy seated in a theatre full of red chairs. He has his legs extended over the seat in front of him and is wearing a blue t-shirt and colourful pants.
Image description: A headshot of Eliza wearing a shiny blue-green jacket. She has wavy brown hair. A blue rectangle with the Undercover Artist logo separates Eliza's photo from Aspy's on the right. Aspy is standing in front of a grey brick wall. He has dark hair and facial hair and is wearing a light grey t-shirt.


Tickets: $35
(+$5.00 transaction fee)

Venue: Bille Brown Theatre
Queensland Theatre
78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Date: Saturday 18 September
Time: 8:00PM – 9:45PM


  • Aspy Jones
  • MC Wheels
    • Nathan Tessmann
    • Peter Jones
    • Shane Crozier


This is a song that enlightens and delights. His (Aspy) voice grips you in the way that a Frank Turner song does, talking straight at you. With a jaunty upbeat blues-infused melody, “Mind Arrest” delivers an important message with panache…”
Bruce Baker, The AU Review
Aspy Jones “Mind Arrest” (2021)