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Image: 2021 Undercover Artist Festival photo by Stewart Ross Photography


Undercover Artist exists to profile and promote outstanding work by performing artists with disability, focusing on performing artists with disability or who are d/Deaf.

Each with their own unique story to tell, Undercover Artist aims to harness their ability and provide an opportunity to upskill, develop their artistic talent and showcase their true authentic self to audiences.


Undercover Artist Festival is a biannual festival held in conjunction with Brisbane Festival. This disability-led festival invites artists to take centre stage to showcase their work.

Welcoming performances across music, dance, theatre, comedy, poetry, circus and creative panels, artists will take to the stage September 2023.


Undercover Artist Development Program supports creative projects in early or mid-stage creative development. This refers to either shows that exist only as an idea and needs more creative input. These projects can be theatre, music, dance, physical theatre, comedy, circus, poetry, or any combination of these artforms. 


The Undercover Artist Career Workshops aim to provide artists with disability or who are d/Deaf access to artist career workshops that are sometimes deemed inaccessible. These workshops provide artists invaluable insights into writing expressions of interest, grant writing, Allyship in disability arts and CV development. 

Disabled artists have always encountered numerous barriers to success in the performing arts, making it nearly impossible to make the stage and kickstart their careers.


But with your support we can change this. 


Support Undercover Artist by doubling your donation thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia and Arts Queensland.