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Artist Resources

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Career workshops

Grant Writing 101

Presented by Tim Brown, Madeleine Little and special guest Marc from On Point Philanthropy, the Grant Writing 101 workshop provides the resources required to draft, prepare, and submit a compelling application for an Arts Queensland grant opportunity. 


This workshop will help artists to develop their grant application strategies, how to prepare, how to promote your work and best understand how to best sell the idea of your work.

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Expression of Interest 101

Presented by Undercover Artist Festival Director Madeleine Little, this Expressions of Interests 101 Workshop used the Undercover Artist Festival 2023 EOI process as an example to help artists develop a deeper understanding of how to decide if an opportunity is right, how to prepare, how to explain your work and understand how to best sell the idea of your work.


This workshop also included unmissable insights into the Undercover Artist Festival 2023 expressions of interest process.

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Undercover artist online 2020

The Leading in Collaboration Conversation

Featuring Dr Bree Hadley, Racheal Missingham and Dan Daw, unpacking what disability-led or d/Deaf-led means in a creative context, this conversation went into what ‘disability-led’ means for a creative project and how it can positively impact those involved.

It touched on the impact of representation in a leadership role and how it supports artists with disability/who are D/deaf in the rehearsal room and on the stage. It will also discuss what it means for allies in the space. What is the role of a person without disability in a disability-led space?

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The Feedback Conversation

The Feedback Conversation features artists Lauren Watson, David Truong, alongside Brisbane Festival Artistic Director Louise Bezzina and Queensland Theatre Artistic Director Lee Lewis.


This conversation was designed to ask the artists about how the feedback process during creative development impacts them and their work, and to ask the industry guests what they look for in a work-in-progress/creative development showing. Sometimes it is hard to ask for feedback, it can make artists feel anxious or nervous about their work. Also discussed, the intersection of arts and disability in the work of artists with disability and/or who are d/Deaf, and how this may impact the feedback process.

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Downloadable Resources

Undercover Artist Festival Expression of Interest Form
Undercover Artist Festival 2023 FAQ's