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Undercover Artist Festival exists to profile and promote outstanding work by performing artists with disability. Undercover Artist Festival is a disability-led Festival.


There are many ways of describing what disability-led work means.


To be considered a disability-led work at Undercover Artist Festival, a project should:

  • be initiated by artists with disability,
  • have artists with disability as key decision-makers,
  • and include artists in key creative roles.

Download the full disability-led guide to determine if your work is disability-led. We recommend opening this document on a desktop or tablet device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a person without disability, but I am supporting people with disability to make the work. Why can’t I be credited first?

A: If people with disability are the lead creatives, their names should be credited first in recognition of their lead creative status. If you are the lead creative, it is not a disability-led project.



Q: What if we all make decisions together, and there is no single lead creative?

A: In collaborative works, the majority of the group must identify as d/Deaf and/or living with disability for the work to be disability-led.  



Q: We are an inclusive company. Isn’t disability-led excluding non-disabled people?

A: No. A disability-led vision is about increasing opportunity for disabled people to lead and to be in charge of what we see onstage to offset the historical imbalance in which disability has always been represented in stereotyped ways. As non-disabled people hold most of the power and control in creative environments, this vision is about trying to ‘re-balance’ and create a more equitable arts landscape.



Madeleine Little (Undercover Artists 2021, Festival Director)


Associate Professor Bree Hadley (Undercover Artist Festival 2021, Steering Group Chair)

If you have any questions, please contact us via and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.  

Please note: The Undercover Artist team works part-time only and will be in touch as soon as possible