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Undercover Artist:Online

Did you join us for Undercover Artist:Online in December 2020?

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Acknowledgement of Country and performance

Acknowledgement of Country by students from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA).

Conversation #1: Feedback and disability arts

Sometimes it is hard to ask for feedback, it can make artists feel anxious or nervous about their work. This conversation is designed to help artists feel comfortable seeking and implementing feedback as a crucial component of creative development and professional practice. It will also discuss the intersection of arts and disability in the work of artists with disability and/or who are d/Deaf, and how this may impact the feedback process.


  • Lauren Watson, Aerial Artist
  • David Truong, Musician
  • Louise Bezzina, Artistic Director, Brisbane Festival
  • Lee Lewis, Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre

Facilitated by Madeleine Little.

Incubate update #1: Jackie Marshall

Project: to develop, write and record new songs for Jacqueline’s songwriting practice.

Unite Update #1: Isabel Stankiewicz 

Project: playwriting mentorship with Dawn Albinger and Julie Robson (of Ladyfinger) and access and marketing with Harmonie Downes for the development of her new work, Necklace.

Video update: SAFE Grant Allycia Staples

Project: insight into the impact the SAFE Grant has had on her creative practice in an unprecedented year.

Incubate update #2: David Waldie

Project: continued development of an original cabaret in collaboration with duo partner, Kate Fletcher.

Incubate update #3: Aspy Jones

Project: development and recording of new songs to boost Aspy’s practice.

Access Arts Achievement Award 2019 update: Lauren Watson 

Project: update on her work aerial theatre work Nerve.


Acknowledgement of Country and performance

Acknowledgement of Country by students from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA).

Incubate update #4: Marissa Ker

Project: next stage development of Bouffon theatre work, Denis and the Deets, a satirical comedy mocking cinema managers who don’t screen movies with open captions and more.

Unite Update #2 – Oliver Hetherington-Page

Project: mentorship with musical theatre professional and producer Alex Woodward for the development of a new cabaret, The No Bang Theory.

Incubate update #5: Alexandra Ellen

Project: first stage development of a new theatre work, Conversations with My Walker – exploring themes of internalised ableism, shame and disability pride in a funny and relatable story.

Incubate update #6: Aha Ensemble

Project: Yoke, by Aha Ensemble. A first stage development of a dance-theatre work exploring relationships, connectedness, and interdependence. Supported by La Boite Theatre Company and informed by a collaboration with Phluxus2 Dance Collective who are supported by Arts Queensland.

Conversation #2 : Leading in Collaboration

The vision for Undercover Artist Festival 2021 is that all professional creative projects are disability-led. As such, this conversation will go into what ‘disability-led’ means for a creative project and how it affects those involved. It will touch on the impact of representation in a leadership role and how it supports artists with disability/who are D/deaf in the rehearsal room and on the stage. It will also discuss what it means for allies in the space. What is the role of a person without disability in a disability-led space?


  • Dan Daw, UK dance artist
  • Dr Bree Hadley, Associate Professor,
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Racheal Missingham, theatre artist and

Facilitated by Madeleine Little.

Interview & UAF2021 Sneak Peek: The Sisters of Invention 

To close Day 2 of Undercover Artist:Online, The Sisters of Invention sent us this short interview video, and the music video for their self-titled song, ‘The Sisters of Invention’.

The Sisters of Invention will appear in Undercover Artist Festival 2021, to be held 15 -18 September 2021.

Those performing received grant funding from Undercover Artist to develop their craft and progress their shows.

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