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A sonic experience like no other!

From soulful acoustic sets to alternative pop, indie rock and RNB end everything in between. Audiences will be left feeling electric as the stage erupts in a dazzling display of light and sound of well-loved favourites and original hits.


Step into a world that does not always understand people’s differences. This uplifting journey will open your eyes to life with a disability as you grow into an adult.

Blind In The Rabbit Hole

Alice falls into the rabbit hole with a desire to educate herself on the realities of stigma. Alice hopes through this experience, she can take her learnings back to reality to influence more communication, connection and educate those around her.

Celebrate All

Celebrate All is a heart warming family musical, teaching children to embrace their inner courage, find resilience, fit in, and make friends. This is a show for them!

This show is perfect for parents, carers, teachers, and children of all abilities.

Club Undercover

Welcome to Club Undercover, where we fuse underground club culture, an accessible dance party and a culturally rich atmosphere onto one open dance floor!

Grab your dancing shoes fir an unforgettable celebration of music and dance! 

Breathe In

Breathe In: Multilingual Storytelling in Performance – Access is not one-size-fits-all.  

So how can universal access be embedded in production? And how could it enrich the experience for everyone? Not just for audiences, but for disabled artists themselves.


Experience fire’s passion, water’s resilient flow, and air’s liberating freedom as you immerse yourself in a display of vibrant colours, sound and movement. Celebrating diversity, genuine connection, breaking barriers and embracing diversity. 

The Jingo Brothers

Join Steady Eddy and Jolly Jingo for an exceptional performance that leaves the audience delighted through hours of music and uncontrollable laughter. These endearing mischief-makers possess an infectious humour that is sure to leave everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Are You Pulling My Leg?

Five different photos of various comedians that are a part of Accessible Arts, Crips and Creeps

A night of comedy where everyone will get the punchline.

Showcasing some of Australia’s funniest comedians with disability or chronic illness, this hilarious razor-sharp witty comedy event boasts an exceptional line-up of award-winning performers.


type-a-poet Andi Snelling Come enter the Temple of Poetry. Just you, me and my typewriter for ten precious minutes.   Shhh…  Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, type-a-poet is intimate, immersive and entirely dedicated to you, the audience of one. Sitting in silence with award-winning performer/writer Andi Snelling, you will be transported to another realm, where […]