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Support Undercover Artist as we aim to bring the brightest and boldest artists to the stage by being a catalyst for performing arts with disability.

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Undercover Artist is funded by CPL Group, Access Arts, the generous support of partner and sponsor organisations, and people like you. Your support allows artists to bring their work to Brisbane at Undercover Artist Festival, participate in career excelling workshops and gain invaluable support through the Undercover Artist Development Program. 


Donations of any size are invaluable to the work of Undercover Artist and truly appreciated. 

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The Naavikaran Collective

Brown Church

Brown Church is a theatrical spectacle by Meanjin-based goddess Naavikaran. At this holy, gay alter witness the journey of displacement, queer liberation and the euphoria of culture through poetry, music and dance. Brown Church debuted at Undercover Artist Festival 2021 allowing The Naavikaran Collective to take the stage and showcase their truth.


“There is often little space for people with complexities to perform but because the Festival is disability-led it made a genuine effort to recognise the many walks of life and allow for creative freedom. It felt safe.


The Festival formed a crucial part of The Naavikaran Collective’s values, most notably, the importance of access and community engagement. Disabled artists should be at the forefront of receiving good, well-paid, accessible and sustainable opportunities in the performing arts.


Being a part of Undercover Artist Festival was a truly incredible experience.” – Naavikaran.

A man on a stage in red pants and jacket with a black hat pointing at an audience.

Oliver Hetherington-Page

The No Bang Theory

Oliver was born to act, graduating from QUT with a BFA Drama in 2019, Oliver knew he had found is true calling. Debuting his performance, The No Bang Theory in the 2021 Undercover Artist Festival. His debut performance was such a success, providing Oliver further opportunities to take the stage such as the 2022 Adelaide Fringe and Home of the Arts Gold Coast 2022.


“Undercover Artist Festival was an amazing experience. At every stage of the process the support and communication were incredible.


Having disabled artists on stage is 100% crucial, that being said, disabled actors shouldn’t be limited to roles that are written as disabled, every artist should have the right to perform however they choose.


The support of the team gave me the ‘leg up’ I needed to get The No Bang Theory off the ground. The Undercover Artist Festival made my career and it could do the same for you.” – Oliver.


Dare to join us?

Undercover Artist is seeking partnerships with likeminded organisations to join the movement towards greater recognition for artist with disability at the 2023 Festival. Does your organisation dare to join us and raise the curtain on social inclusion, and bring a new perspective to the stage?