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artist festival


20 — 23 September 2023

20 — 23
September 2023

Emma-June Curik is in a sparkly dress and a silk eye mask for sleeping is smiling and singing on stage.

Club undercover

Club undercover

Deaf Indigenous Dance Group (DIDG) and Goddess Naavikaran

22 Sept 2023



Access Arts

22 Sept 2023

Alexandra Ellen and her Walker, Betsy are standing on stage looking upwards towards the blue stage lights. They have smiles on their faces. A group of people are stuck behind a wire mesh fence looking at the camera. They are illuminated with pink and purple stage lights.

Blind in the rabbit hole

Blind in the rabbit hole

Screech Arts

23 Sept 2023

Australia’s premier disability-led performing arts festival is back for 2023!

Join us for four incredible days of theatre, dance, comedy, music, cabaret, poetry and more.

Alexandra Ellen and Judy Hainsworth during Betsy and I

What's On


Kathryn Hall

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Blending comedy, drama, puppetry and one very special quilt. Sheltered is an autobiographical rollercoaster that playfully challenges perceptions of disability through the themes of housing and homelessness, the school system and young adulthood.

Celebrate All

Donna Dyson

Saturday 23 September 2023

Celebrate All is a heart warming family musical, teaching children to embrace their inner courage, find resilience, fit in, and make friends. This is a show for them! This show is perfect for parents, carers, teachers, and children of all abilities.


Eliza Hull, Aspy Jones, and more

Saturday 23 September 2023

A sonic experience like no other!
From soulful acoustic sets to alternative pop, indie rock and RNB end everything in between. Audiences will be left feeling electric as the stage erupts in a dazzling display of light and sound of well-loved favourites and original hits.