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Celebrating success beyond the Festival

Six weeks have passed since the conclusion of Undercover Artist Festival, and our exceptional artists continue to show us how wonderful they are.

Kathryn Hall’s Sheltered made its way to Melbourne Fringe Festival recently, leaving audiences in awe. The show not only received the Judges Pick Award twice but also earned nominations for the Access & Inclusion Award and Best Theatre Award. We’re thrilled to witness this powerful performance gain the recognition it deserves.

Sam Kissajukian, the comedic genius from Are You Pulling My Leg?, returned to Melbourne Fringe Festival with his award-winning comedy and visual art exhibition, 300 Paintings300 Paintings has been making waves at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, earning itself a nomination for the Best Comedy Award for the second year in a row and taking out the NZ Touring Award.

Kathryn R Hall in Sheltered chosen as the Judges Pick at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2023

Emma Tomlinson and Aspy Jones, whose extraordinary voices dazzled us at WunderSounds, continue to shine on stages near and far. Most recently, they travelled to the Sunshine Coast, captivating audiences at the Caloundra Music Festival. 

It’s a true joy to see our incredible artists sharing their talent with new audiences, and we’re eagerly looking forward to following their continued success.

Sam Kissajukian at Melbourne Fringe holding up his Melbourne Fringe Festival Award.

The captivating Eliza Hull, who mesmerised us at Undercover Artist Festival during WunderSounds, is set to release a new single, Island, on Thursday 2 November. Anticipated by many, this upcoming release promises to bring delight to all who give it a listen. Make sure to pre-save Island on all platforms now! 

Eliza is wearing a velvet dress and is sitting by an old dresser and a ‘Hollywood’ mirror. She’s looking at the camera.

Eliza Hull's highly anticipated latest single Island id being released Thursday 2 November
Alexandra Ellen

Alexandra Ellen

Visual Artist and Theatre Maker
Undercover Artist Festival 2023 Trainee Producer - Access