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Audience Accessibility Guide

Undercover Artist Festival

Venue Accessibility

Car Parking

There is a small car park outside the venue with two designated disabled parking permit spaces. This car park is metered and operated by Brisbane City Council.

This car park has 43 car spaces, including two designated disability parking permits.

Patrons using accessible parking bays or regular bays displaying a Disability Parking Permit do not have to pay fees for parking in this car park.

If you do not require parking near Queensland Theatre for access reasons, please avoid parking in this carpark as this will alleviate spaces for people with access requirements. You are welcome to arrange pick up/drop off at the front of the theatre.

Additional metered and street parking is available on Montague road, and nearby streets (Cordelia, Merivale and Boundary).



A designated taxi drop-off and pick-up zone is located directly outside Queensland Theatre. This includes a curb cut for step-free access and is suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We recommend booking accessible cabs with extra time to account for traffic and/or delays.

13Cabs – Book A Wheelchair Accessible Taxi – 13cabs Australia

Black and White Cabs – Our Services – Black & White Cabs (  

Public Transport

There are a number of bus stops close to Queensland Theatre. The closest bus stop is listed below, with more public transport information available at Translink.

Montague Rd at Queensland Theatre, South Brisbane

Stop Id: 001039 – 86 metre walk to the theatre

Route 86



The carpark is asphalt. It is flat, with a gentle slope between the pathway and the car park spaces.

The curb cuts adjacent to the drop-off zone are smooth and gradual. The pathway surface is a rocky bitumen that is flat, though may be bumpy in spots.

The pathway is 3800mm wide from the curb to the fence with a clear pathway of 2100mm.


Assistance Animals 

Assistance Animals such as Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs are welcome to attend with their human. The garden beds out the front of the venue provide animal relief areas.

Entering the Venue

You will enter the venue through the automatic, glass sliding doors.




There will be a range of seating options available, from benches, chairs, and bar stools.




The bar will have drinks and snacks available for purchase. The bar is 1100mm tall. Staff are ready to accommodate if the bar height is too tall for you.


The EFTPOS machine will be stationed at a lower height for greater accessibility. Staff are ready to assist with bringing your food and drink around to you if you need.



Restroom Facilities

The accessible restroom for patrons is available on the ground floor next to the foyer. It is currently undergoing renovations and more information will be provided closer to the Festival.


There is an accessible bathroom located on the ground floor adjacent to the foyer area. This bathroom has railings alongside the toilet, a sink at a lowered height, and paper hand towels for drying. It also has a sanitary waste disposal for hygiene products.


  • The men’s room has 2 stalls, 1 ambulant stall, and 2 urinals.
  • The women’s room has 3 stalls, 1 ambulant stall.





The courtyard area should receive plenty of natural light during daylight hours and is lit by fairy lights during the evening.


There are no fluorescent lights in the bar, foyer or courtyard areas.




The Festival will not play music in the foyer or bar spaces to reduce ambient sounds and sensory overload. There will not be any PA announcements or chimes – please follow staff instructions when doors open.


Some performances may have sound cues or music – please read the program to consider each performance and whether it meets your access requirements. You are welcome to wear your own earplugs/earmuffs at any time.




Undercover Artist Festival is a fragrance-free zone. Please do not wear heavily perfumed or scented products, unless medically necessary.




The foyer and courtyard spaces flow freely into each other. The foyer and bar areas are air-conditioned.


The air conditioning inside the Bille Brown Theatre and Diane Cilento Studios is likely to be cool. We recommend dressing in light layers. You will also be able to take drinks into the theatre with you, which may assist.


If you have any temperature regulation concerns and need help, please inform a staff member.

Health and Wellbeing

If you are feeling unwell and have any cold and flu symptoms, we kindly ask that you please stay home for the safety of our artists and patrons. Contact Queensland Theatre to organise an exchange or refund.

Hand Sanitiser stations will be available for all patrons to use.   

If you are able, we encourage you to wear a mask while at the Festival – especially if you may have been in contact with someone who has been unwell.

Food and Beverage

The Queensland Theatre foyer bar will be open for patrons one hour prior to performance start time.

The bar serves a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages including water, juices, soft drinks, wine, and beer. The bar also serves hot drinks. Food options include light refreshments, such as sushi, sandwiches, chips and chocolates, and more. Gluten and dairy-free options are available.


The full menu is available at the bar and can be viewed here.


All performances have accessible seating options.


You can purchase tickets online or by contacting Queensland Theatre Box Office, 9.30am to 5:00pm weekdays. Please call 1800 355 528 or email

Every performance and event at Undercover Artist Festival is Auslan Interpreted. You can select seats with Auslan sightlines when purchasing tickets online.

Every performance at Undercover Artist Festival is Audio Described.


To access the Audio Description, please speak to a team member at Box Office, which is located ahead of you as you enter through the main glass sliding doors of the foyer.


Please advise staff that you will need to access Audio Description for the show you are attending. You will be given a neck loop system. It is recommended that you bring your own headphones or earphones with a 3.5mm jack to plug into the neck loop system. We will have a small number of spares available. The Audio Description equipment can be used in any seat in the theatre.


A staff member will instruct you on how to access Audio Description, with printed instructions which may be useful if you are attending with a partner, guest, friend, or support person who can assist.

Every performance is closed captioned. Captions can be access by using the Join.Me free app on your smartphone device or tablet.


Prior to your visit, please download the Join.Me app from your app store. The icon looks like this:


On your arrival to the theatre, you will see signage directing you to scan the QR code to access the captioning stream. Once the QR code is scanned, your app will automatically open to the captioning stream where you will see a black background with bold white text.

The presentation of relaxed performances is dependent on the nature of the event. Undercover Artist Festival has an ‘open door’ policy – there will be no lockouts, and patrons are welcome to leave to use the restroom or to get a drink and return to the show. Staff will help you re-enter the theatre when it is safe.



No event will have strobe lighting or sudden lighting effects. The ‘house lights’ (the audience lights) will remain on and dimmed throughout the show. There are no blackouts.



Audio volume will be monitored to ensure no sudden noises.

Please check content warnings for each show for more information.


Audience Etiquette

All patrons are encouraged to feel comfortable in the theatre. This means that any involuntary movements or noises (such as vocalisations) are welcome. Patrons are also able to take drinks into the theatre.


Break Out Space / Quiet Room

A quiet room space is available if you feel overwhelmed and need a break. It is a quiet space, set up with soft lighting, seating, and sensory objects. Volunteers and staff will guide you to the room, where you can stay as long as you need.

Content warnings are provided for each show. We encourage you to check the signage on your way into the theatre as artists may update these warnings during rehearsals.


All performances have accessible seating options.


You can purchase tickets online or by contacting Queensland Theatre Box Office, 9.30am to 5:00pm weekdays. Please call 1800 355 528 or email

Our staff and volunteers are happy to assist if you require wayfinding support.


Staff will be wearing blue shirts with the bold white Undercover Artist Festival logo and blue lanyards. If you are lost, don’t worry. We will find you!

Braille and Large Text timetables will be at box office for those who need them.

In the case of an emergency, please follow the instructions of Queensland Theatre staff. If you require assistance, please wait where you are and wait for staff to assist you.

More Questions?

If your access question was not answered on this page, reach out to our team at and we will endeavour to answer your query.


Download the full Undercover Artist Festival Accessibility Guide here