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Creating Inclusive Spaces. Resources for Accessible Performances and PRACTICE.

Creating inclusive spaces for all is not just a goal but a necessity. At Undercover Artist we are dedicated to fostering inclusive stages and have put together a hub of resources to help you make your performances accessible to everyone. Here are some highlights:

Auslan Integration

Explore Auslan resources to integrate Australian Sign Language (Auslan) into your performance. Whether you want Auslan to be featured on stage or are interested in learning how to incorporate it yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Audio Description

Ensure your performance is accessible by utilising audio description to describe visual elements. Featured resources can guide you on how to incorporate audio descriptions into your event or empower you to master the art of audio describing yourself.

A lady standing delivering Auslan to crowd

Image: A photo of Sarah from FABInterpreting providing Auslan to the crowd at Undercover Artist Festival 2023 opening night.


Make your performance, speech, or video accessible to a wider audience by live captioning or providing closed captions after the event. Learn how to caption yourself, and embed captions into a video.

Relaxed Performances

Learn about the world of relaxed performances, including breakout spaces, social and visual stories, and touch tours. These elements can contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Market your performance in an inclusive way. Featured resources cover writing styles, colour choices, digital applications, and print materials that ensure your marketing efforts are accessible to all

Skills Development

Elevate your knowledge and expertise with featured skills development resources. Numerous providers across Queensland offer tailored upskilling courses, workshops, and classes to help you become a leader in arts.


Watch our 2022 workshops, and learn about what disability-led means, and how to compile a convincing grant application, or expression of interest. Our Undercover Artist Workshops will return for 2024, so stay tuned for an announcement!




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