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Support Undercover Artist World Theatre Day by doubling your donation thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia and Arts Queensland


After the success of being awarded funding through Creative Partnerships Australia Plus1 Program, we are seeking the support of generous donors to double this funding. 


Disabled artists have always encountered numerous barriers to success in the performing arts, making it nearly impossible to make the stage and kickstart their careers.


But with your support we can change this. We can nurture individual artistry to educate and present experiences to community that move beyond stigmas associated with disability. Together we can change perceptions, create career pathways and recognise true arts excellence. 

There is no denying that forging a career in the arts industry comes with its challenges. For a person with disability sometimes these challenges are not because the opportunity doesn’t exist, it’s simply because there are additional barriers to performance.

Authentic representation on stage is crucial and although we have come a long way in terms of recognition and equality for disabled artists, there is still such a long way to go.


But we need the support of the community and corporate organisations to get there.


Madeleine Little
Festival Director – Undercover Artist

For Emma-June, she has spent most of her adult life forging a successful career being behind the scenes as a producer. And as much as being a producer has come with so much joy and passion, and is something she has always loved – there has always been the thought that returning to stage could be possible.


Growing up in and out of theatres from a young age, it was only a matter of time before Emma-June would be ready to Make the Stage.


“Looking back now, even if I had attempted to go on stage when I was younger, it would have been impossible to keep up.


Undercover Artist Festival creates an incredibly safe environment, a place where my access needs will be met, and culturally I will be accepted for me. I honestly think, if it wasn’t for Undercover Artist, I wouldn’t be getting back on stage and presenting myself to an audience,” said Emma-June.


Your support could provide this same opportunity for someone else to Make the Stage.

“Our goal is for people to see d/Deaf and disabled artists owning their work, their process, their creativity and being given the opportunity to make the stage being their true, authentic, and unapologetic selves. Being seen and valued for all we have to offer and accepted as a professional is a life-changing moment for any artist.



I can speak on behalf of my team at Undercover Artist and say, it is a true honour and privilege to see creative works develop and careers take off – and Undercover Artist Festival 2023 will be no exception.



Double your donation by 30 May and to see outstanding artists take the stage,” said Madeleine Little.

Together with Creative Partnerships Australia and Arts Queensland we’ll change perceptions, create career pathways and recognise true arts excellence. Your donation will accelerate careers and change lives for artists with disability.


Donate today to support artists the Make the Stage.

Undercover Artist is proudly sponsored by Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council and Creative Partnerships Australia.