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Undercover Artist 2023 announcement video features backstage footage of Tony Dee fixing his tie and performance footage from The Crooners ‘Swinging and Spinning’, a cabaret performance, Aspy Jones and band performing with crowd dancing, Lauren Watson atop her wheelchair strung by silks in an aerial performance and Andi Snelling on rollerskates performing in ‘Happy Go Wrong’. The video announces the Festival’s return in September 2023 in partnership with Queensland Theatre and Brisbane Festival.


Undercover Artist Festival 2023 promises to rethink disability and the performing arts, partnering with Queensland Theatre and Brisbane Festival to bring together a game changing arts festival. Undercover Artist Festival will be the catalyst for new and exciting career opportunities, exposing artists work to industry leaders, producers, and potential venues for future programming and touring. Undercover Artist Festival is a disability-led Festival.

The 2023 Festival will take the stage 20 to 23 September 2023 with one thing in mind – OUR POWER.  

The Creative, Community or Career track will be programmed again in 2023. Learn more about the Undercover Artist Tracks by downloading the Expressions of Interest Information Pack.

Undercover Artist Development Program 2023 will run in conjunction with the festival expressions of interest process. This program will support creative projects in early or mid-stage creative development, with one performance being programmed in the Undercover Artist Festival 2023.

auslan announcement

A woman delivers Undercover Artist 2023 announcement in Auslan direct to camera.

Audio Description announcement

A woman delivers Undercover Artist 2023 announcement with audio description.


Undercover Artist festival is back in 2023, showcasing the boldest and brightest artists with disability. 

Stay tuned for further Festival announcements. 

A man on a stage in red pants and jacket with a black hat pointing at an audience.

“The Undercover Artist Festival made my career and it could do the same for you.”

Oliver Hetherington-Page
The No Bang Theory


Disability-led, professional performing arts work.

Two females standing with their back to camera, one has brown curly hair, the other with blonde hair. Writing on a white wall filled with test, symbols and icons.


Performances from community arts groups and interactive art for the community.

A female and a male sitting on a black stage touching hands. The female has brown hair and is wearing stripe pants, black t-shirt and a blue face mask. The male has dark hair and is wearing black jean shorts, a dark grey t-shirt and a black watch.


Workshops, panel conversations and professional development opportunities.

The Theme

Our Power

Who we are and what lead us to be where we are today is powerful.

Power does not refer to control, direction, or any sense of hierarchy. It refers to authenticity, being real, honouring our instincts, values, identities – without fear, shame, or prejudice. 
Projects do not have to have a storyline centred on ‘power’, but all applications for Undercover Artist 2023 should be able to discuss how you will step into your own unique power by presenting your work at Undercover Artist Festival 2023.

You are welcome interpret this theme how you like. Here are some ideas and prompts:  

  • Our power is the ability to take and create opportunities that allow us to tell our story.
  • Our power is not being afraid to tell our truth, share our struggles, barriers, and successes to be who we are today – and inspire others to do the same. 
  • Our power is the joy we feel after gaining the confidence to do something that is both scary and invigorating. 
  • Our power is to speak up and strive for excellence and equality in the arts.
  • Our power is taking the stage and being authentically, unapologetically ourselves in a world that often tells us we don’t belong.
  • Our power is not accepting things for what they are, or what they should be’, but and being an agent for change is our power. 

For more information the Our Power theme, download the information pack below.


Undercover Artist Development Program will support creative projects in early or mid-stage creative development. This refers to either shows that exist only as an idea and needs more creative input, or perhaps a project you’ve started that still has a while to go.

Artists can apply for whichever stage of development they are in as long as their work has not yet had a public performance (excluding private industry or work-in-progress showings).

Undercover Artist is committed to providing a pipeline for artists from idea through to presentation. As such, at least one project supported by Undercover Artist Development Program 2023 will be programmed in Undercover Artist Festival 2023. 

A black and white photo of a male wearing a grey suit jacket sitting next to three female looking away from camera. two females are looking a listening to the male speaking.

“When I first applied to Undercover Artist Festival 2021 all I had was a title and a vague idea of my show – The No Bang Theory. Their ongoing support gave me the leg up I needed to get The No Bang Theory off the ground, along with the confidence and evidence required to apply for funding. In addition they helped me create the work that ultimately provided me a platform to perform on stage.”

Oliver Hetherington-Page
The No Bang Theory

How to apply and prepare

The application process will run in two stages.

Read the Undercover Artist 2023 Expressions of Interest Information Pack to find out more.

Stage one

Initial application period for Undercover Artist Development Program and Undercover Artist Festival.

Stage Two

Shortlisted applications will be asked to supply further information. All Development Program applicants notified.

Development Program

Apply via the same method as the festival and indicate during application form your application is for the Development Program. 

We encourage applications from all of Australia – and overseas. Undercover Artist Festival is committed to presenting a program with diversity of performing arts form, diversity of cultural backgrounds, and diversity of disability experience.  

Application process



Submit your application online using the webform by 15 November 2022.

This one application form supports both Undercover Artist Festival 2023 Expressions of Interest process and the Undercover Artist Development Program.

If you are unable to submit an application online, we welcome the use of our alternative methods.

How you apply will not impact our decision-making process.




Stage One Expressions of Interest and Development Program application period opens.


Stage One Expressions of Interest and Development Program application period closes.  

24 November

Undercover Artist Development Program applications notified of outcome.

1 December

Stage One applications notified of outcome and Stage Two opens.


January - February

Undercover Artist Development Program commences. 

14 February

Stage Two applications advised of outcome. Successful applicants to receive paperwork to commence works.

14 - 28 February

Undercover Artist Development Program work in progress showings.


Undercover Artist Festival Launch – tickets on sale.


Undercover Artist Festival. 
*Dates to be announced 

Need help?

If you have any questions, please contact us via and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.  

Please note: The Undercover Artist team works part-time only and will be in touch as soon as possible

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