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Zooming into Undercover Artist Festival 2021

Earlier this week, some of our #UAF2021 artists and I Zoomed into a meeting with UK-based artist Dan Daw.

In just one hour, we discussed how we felt about disability identity and how it influences our creative work.

We talked about how we are perceived by others and who our intended audience may be for each of our shows, and finding moments of resonance and solidarity among peers. It was fantastic to connect this way, and though we missed the UAF artists who were unable to join, it was fantastic to gather together and share.

This conversation was strengthened by Dan’s extensive knowledge and experience with the disability identity politics and pride within creative contexts.

It soon became clear that this conversation could have gone for hours and hours, but we are very keen to meet up again after Undercover Artist Festival and share what we have learned throughout the Festival with one another.
A photo of Madeleine's computer screen showing seven participant screens

Thank you to everyone who joined us – Naavikaran (not pictured), Aspy Jones, Andi Snelling, Oliver Hetherington-Page, Dan Daw, Larissa Macfarlane and Tim McCallum.

Stay safe,
Madeleine Little
Festival Director

Dan Daw’s involvement in Undercover Artist Festival 2021 is supported by the British Council as part of the UK/AU Season.

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